Wednesday 13th of October, 12:30 BST

10 strategies to help your business get paid on time

We’ve partnered with Fleximize to teach you ten strategies to help you combat late payments and get paid on time, every time. Reserve your spot in our upcoming webinar now.

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About Juno

We’re on a mission to help the world get paid on time. In fact, we think it’s a right that all businesses should have – whether you’re a sole trader or a growing team with grand ideas.

Knowing how tough it is to get paid – and the time it wastes – we’re putting the power back in your hands. With Juno, payments are made in less than 30 seconds. Our technology beats manual payment methods and clunky systems. And it gives your clients no excuses to delay payment.

Juno is backed by Europe’s leading venture capital investors. Our mission is big, and we’d love you to be part of our journey.

Cash flow tracking sheet: download now

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