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Get paid on time, every time

Make late payments a thing of the past with Juno’s bank-to-bank payments technology.


Receive payments in real-time, straight into your bank account from banks across the UK.


Make it easier for your clients and customers to pay you in just a few clicks.


No card, account details, or digital wallets. Payments are authorised using bank security.

How it works

Make it easy to get paid. No more chasing, spreadsheets, or awkward conversations. Just send a smart payment request and we do the rest.

Smart payment requests

Smart payment requests

Send and receive payments in a couple of clicks without the need for cards, account details, or wallets.

Coming soon: automated invoice payment processing and scheduling.

Smart dashboard

Smart dashboard

Never let an incoming or outgoing payment slip again. Track and action all your sent and received requests from one place.

Coming soon: cloud accounting integration

Payment reminders

Payment reminders

Send in-platform reminders for late-paying clients and customers.

Coming soon: automated and scheduled payment reminders.

Bank-to-bank payments

Bank-to-bank payments

Connect your business bank account through Open Banking to pay and get paid instantly and securely.

Who is it for?

Whatever your business, Juno is here for you.

Business to business

As a B2B business owner, you can use Juno to send smart payment requests to your clients. Get paid faster by sending payment reminders and setting due dates.

Through the Juno dashboard, you and your clients can see the status of all your sent and received requests, and action them in a couple of clicks.

With secure bank-to-bank payments there’s no need to fill in any details manually, reducing errors and saving valuable time.

Business to consumer

Whether you are run a car dealership or dance studio, you can use Juno to facilitate instant, in-person payments to your customers that they can pay with just their phone.

Create a QR code in Juno that they can just scan in person with their smartphone and use to pay you.

All this without the need to share bank account details and with much lower fees than using a credit card reader.

Sole traders, freelancers, and contractors

No matter who you offer your services to, Juno has you covered.

Generate invoices, share them via email, text or in the moment through a QR code, and receive the money immediately in your bank account.

No need to share lengthy bank account details, saving you valuable time and avoiding typing errors and delays.

Juno plans

No matter your business needs, we’ve got you covered.



Includes all core features, plus:


Includes all core features, plus:

All plans include these core features: Link your business bank account, access a smart payments dashboard, cross-platform support, make unlimited payments, view your bank balance, and copy and share your unique payment request link.

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