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The story behind our rebrand: how billx became Juno

by Raquel
| April 23, 2021
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Over the last couple of months, the team has been hard at work with a really exciting project, as it is not every day that you get to work on rebranding a company from top to bottom. Jump into the behind-the-scenes of why and how billx became Juno.

Why rebrand?

The decision to rebrand wasn’t a hard one.

“Spending time with our early beta testers we were receiving consistent feedback around subliminal meanings of our name which could impact onboarding new customers. Expanding the team and working on the future vision together pushed us to dig into what was needed from our brand and what we wanted to achieve going forwards. We developed something that has meaning to our team and value for our customers.

Michael (Chief Growth Officer

We had two very strong reasons to find a new name and create a new visual identity:

  1. Our customers: during our first round of beta testing for our personal app, it became clear that people didn’t like the word ‘bill’ and didn’t understand how it was associated with person-to-person payments. 
  2. Our ambition: As we developed our products we came to the conclusion that we want to be more than a payment and billing brand, so restricting ourselves to a product-specific name was counterintuitive. We also want to be a global brand, so we needed a name that would work in any language.

On top of these, it wasn’t immediately obvious how to pronounce it.

A man asks "billks?", a woman replies "bill-x?"
Confusion around the pronunciation of ‘billx’

Because we want to be a strong, recognisable and durable brand we had a clear goal: to create a dynamic and bold visual brand identity, with our customers at the centre.

Our name

We had four requirements for our new name. It had to:

  • Work for business and personal users
  • Be memorable
  • Have an available domain name
  • Be easily pronounced in different languages

From a shortlist of names proposed by the team, everyone voted for their favourites. But because we always aim for excellence, we were not quite happy with the first round of suggestions. There was a second round of suggestions and voting and at the end of this, the winner was Juno.

So, why Juno?

  • The name came from Juno, queen of the Roman gods and goddess of money and protection of wealth. Since eliminating fraud and helping businesses and people take control over their money is a key focus of the business, we saw the connection as particularly powerful.
  • It’s product-agnostic and memorable, and easy to pronounce in every language we checked.

Other key components we worked on to strengthen the brand were a new tone of voice document with customers at the centre.

Our visual brand identity

Once we had the name, we handed it over to Cath, our Head of Product Design. Our brief was for a fresh and vibrant look and feel that inspires trust in our users instantly. She presented us with mood boards, options, and ideas on what the Juno brand could look like.

Cath (Head of Product Design)

“The thing that really stood out to me was that the goddess Juno is associated with peacocks, which are really beautiful and majestic creatures. I wanted to try and integrate their elegance alongside more modern, tech elements specific to the fintech industry. This is how I designed the decoration on the J. These flourishes are a subtle and graceful callback to the peacock. One you wouldn’t necessarily notice but that brings the essence of its origin.”

While Cath presented the team with several logo options, this was chosen by a significant majority and was universally loved. Up until that point, the process was going smoothly. Until we got to the most debated point of all.

Logos for the Juno brand
Logo and glyphs

Brand colours

Settling on a colour scheme was the hardest task. Colour is an extremely subjective area because we all have preferences and even biases we are not aware of, so naturally the team had many varying opinions.

We went through several iterations of the colour scheme, ultimately deciding on an uncommon combination of teal and yellow.

  • Teal is for the business side. This color inspires trust and is very positive. It’s also reminiscent of financial staples such as banknotes, and peacock feathers
  • Yellow is for vibrancy, youth, and the future. It represents optimism and reflects the way in which we are going to evolve the banking industry and bring it to the 21st century.
Juno brand guidelines
Brand guidelines on Figma

Our graphics

Finally, we wanted to add humanity and relatability to our presence. This is why you will see illustrations of people dotted across our website, product, and social media. Internally, we have nicknamed them Juners.

Illustrations of humans called Juners floating around a screen. Juners are an essential part of the Juno brand.

With this all in place we feel confident that our users will love it as much as we do: “The new visual identity allows us to act as bold as we feel and I am sure that in a crowded market we are going to present a memorable front that will lead users to a great product experience”, says Sara de Velasco, Head of Marketing at Juno.

Juno is in constant evolution

A brand isn’t static. Now that we have finished the first iteration of our new visual identity, we will keep listening to feedback from our users, test, and figure out what works and what doesn’t. We will keep growing our website, our visuals, and more.

Juno. Bank payments reinvented.

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