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Request money from friends and family

by Raquel
| July 22, 2021
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We have all been there. You lent money to your friends, flatmates, or family months ago, or paid for that dinner or those flights and they haven’t all paid you back despite your constant reminders and impeccable spreadsheets. You are left wondering whether you should just let it go…

But with Juno, you don’t have to. Here is how it works:

Set up a payment request

To send a payment request, you simply need to enter the email address of the friend who owes you money, enter the amount, and type a custom note, tap ‘send’, and voila! Your friend will then pay you in a couple of taps straight from their bank account securely and without having to type any details.

Payment request done your way

Payment requests are designed with you in mind, so however you want to request, we’ve got you covered. Request in person with a contactless QR code, in-app or create a unique payment URL to send via message or email.

Monitor the request

Always know the status of your request. The Juno app includes “read” receipts – just like the ones on messaging apps – so that you know the person you requested money from has received it, seen it, and paid it. And for those forgetful friends, you can send payment reminders straight from your smart dashboard.

Track payments

No need for spreadsheets or checking your bank accounts to see who’s paid. The Juno app shows you everything you owe and are owed in one place.

What if your friends don’t have Juno?

Not a problem. We’ve even made it simple and slick to pay without the app, although you’ll need the app to send requests. No need to register, they simply click on your request link, select their bank and pay using their bank account. All using biometrics and passcodes, no typing out details or card detail copy and paste. It couldn’t be easier! We’re confident that once they realise they can pay better with Juno they’ll download the app and join you.

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