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Behind Binge Designs, with Jules

by Sara
| June 29, 2021
Reading time: 3 minutes
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This week I sat down with Jules, founder of Binge Designs, a fashion brand inspired by Pop Culture. I discovered Binge Designs early in the first lockdown through Twitter, and since then I have loved following their inspired designs and trusting them to provide me with facemasks that make wearing this forced accessory more enjoyable. They work with a variety of businesses, from huge retailers like Primark to drag performers and smaller artists.

What inspired you to set up Binge Designs?

Originally, Binge was a side hustle to pay a few extra bills but also to create designs based on sometimes little-known non-mainstream icons. It then started to get a bit of a following on social media and people started making requests. In 2017 I was commissioned to design “Binge X Primark” a fabulous collection of unisex clothes sold across the UK and Europe. I was also asked to design the official merch for My Dad Wrote a Porno, legendary drag queen Coco Peru, and the winner of Drag Race UK – The Vivienne

Binge Designs logo

What have been your biggest challenges? 

Risk is a massive challenge. In fashion, a design can either sell well or utterly flop. I mitigate this by printing on-demand, so a failed product doesn’t leave me stuck with 300 dud products. I also don’t believe in keeping large stocks of things because this can lead to “throw away” fashion, so this is a win-win. The only downside is that at busy times this process can cause delays.

Also because I run the business on my own sometimes it’s hard to switch from my designing brain to my accounting brain. 

Printing on-demand helps Binge Designs mitigate risk and combat throwaway fashion.

How have you navigated the pandemic so far?

It’s been tricky because in April last year so many things shut down so it was difficult to get supplies into the business. At that point, it also became difficult to ship things out because suddenly everyone was buying everything online.  We lost around 400 orders in the post, which was not only expensive but also meant that customer service took over for a while. Luckily things are now much more back on track. 

Face masks by Binge Designs
Binge Designs has a created a broad range of face masks in response to the pandemic.

What’s next for Binge Designs?

I can’t wait to release some of the new designs and products we’ve been working on. It’s exciting to have started just doing tees but now we’re making rompers, dresses, shoes, and even kimonos. I have also partnered with an amazing company in America where we are currently working on collections for Trixie Mattel, Katya, and the new brand Hyper Iconic.

Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs starting their own business?

Don’t give up.  Talk to everyone.  Be ballsy.  It’s always best for you to reach out to everyone you can to sell your hustle: if you don’t ask you don’t get. 

What do you do to ensure Binge Designs customers feel accepted?

Binge has a very wide banner of acceptance.  I’ve raised money for a wide range of charities including Trans Lives Matter and BLM recently as well as Terrence Higgins and AKT.  I don’t believe in bullying or prejudice. If someone kicks off on our social media I’ve got no problem telling them where to go. 

Where can people find you online?



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