Bank payments reinvented

Request and make fast, simple, and secure payments between friends and family, or businesses and customers.

Painless payments

Experience instant, secure and frictionless payments between any person or business with Juno. It’s free for personal payments and a very low, fixed cost for businesses. 

Juno uses Open Banking and intelligent automation to help you get paid on time without the hassle, and make late payments a thing of the past.


Receive payments in real-time, straight into your bank account from banks across the UK.


Make it easier for people to pay you, with just a few clicks.


No card, account details, or digital wallets. Payments are authorised using bank security.

Manage your bank payments easily and efficiently

Juno connects directly to your selected bank accounts, using Open Banking. This makes your payment experience simpler and completely secure, no matter who you bank with.

With Juno, you have complete control of your financial data and transactions. Juno will never see or store your personal or account information and you can remove access to your bank account at any time.

TSB, Revolut, RBS, Natwest, HSBC, Barclays, Nationwide, Monzo, Santanter, Lloyds Bank
Supported banks

Get started with Juno

Whether you run a business as a limited company, sole trader, or contractor or transfer money back and forth with your friends and family, Juno can help you make all this simple for everyone.

Don't just take our word for it

Read what industry professionals are saying about Juno.

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